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While waiting in the car for Mommy and Daddy to come home, my 7-year old grandson JACK (pdd-nos on the autistic spectrum) gives me SPANISH and SINGING lessons.

I take my grandson JACK to the dentist. Jack has a form of autism called pdd-nos. I thought he would be afraid of the dentist, but he loves Dr Wen-hui Liu of 205 Engle St,Englewood NJ. So when he lost a baby tooth at age 7, he asked grandma (me) to take him to Dr Liu right away. Here is my tape of the visit.

RED RIDING HOOD book, narrated and illustrated by marcia sandmeyer wilson. I started this book in 2002, while sitting in a library, waiting for my grandson Sammy to come out of class. A little girl pointed to a crayon smudge on a page in my sketchbook and said, "that's DIRTY."

" Oh no, i replied. that's not dirt. That's a nose." I demonstrated by turning the smudge into thenose of a big bad wolf, and then i drew the little girl's face in for good measure. And that's how the book began. Here is a video of me reading the unfinished version to my 3-year-old grandson, JIMMY.

One day in August 2010 I notice my grandson JACK, age 7, has made a video all by himself! He used IPHOTO and IMOVIE on my macbook, but JACK is on the autistic spectrum with pdd-nos and also seizure disorder. So I'm delighted. Jack wants me to send his video to YOUTUBE but i say he really ought to write something in the TITLES he made. jack starts in writing his name on every title. I think he did a great job. The still photos, btw, are not jack, but his little brother. He also added random photos from goodness knows where. I am very proud of JACK, and grateful for the time I enjoy with him.

Here's my second attempt at an animated video. My 9-yr-old grandson SAMMY taught me how. I used PAINTBRUSH and IMOVIE to make this. Apologies for the mistakes. I still have not figured out how to do the audio, using copyright free sound clips. I made this video July 27 and 28, 2010.

My 9-yr-old grandson SAMMY made a video for youtube called THE STICKMAN.

I decided to copy Sammy and make my own animated short. Here is the result, made 24 July 2010. The video is 29 seconds long.

- my grandson JACK age 7, sings a Thomas The Tank Engine song about THE SEASIDE to accompany 2009 footage of him on the banks of a river when he was only six. it's a 3-minute video and rather nice, if i do say so myself.

- my grandson JACK age 7, pdd-nos, PLAYS TOY TRAINS does filming and narration all by himself.

- pdd-nos grandson, age 5, assembles magnetic train set successfully, using trial and error!

- pdd-nos grandson acts out video with magic marker & dance

- my pdd-nos grandson jack has made great progress with aba therapy in leonia nj public kindergarten. compare this video with one made almost a year earlier (above) where he is trying to assemble magnetic trains.

-another video of my wonderful pdd-nos grandson, this time showing all the things he learns in aba kindergarten in leonia, nj.

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