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Today is Tuesday May 18 2010 and I just got an email asking me to list more paintings! Imagine that! somebody reads my website! Ok. here are some photographed last weekend.

My most recent painting is drawn from life, from a model at the Old Church School of Art in Demarest NJ, in the painting class of my favorite teacher, Carol Stronghilos. I made this painting from a beautiful model named Leigh, in one morning, using oil paints and paint sticks. This 16x20" oil on canvas is $350. Painting from life or from photographs is great fun. I should do it more often. But left to my own devices, I usually paint from my imagination, as you can see from my other paintings, below.

I like to paint people dancing, especially a couple, because i think it represents my happiness, here in my old age keeping company with the boyfriend who wont move in and it turns out that's just fine because being by myself is even more fun than living with somebody under the same roof. He comes for meals and to sleep over; what more could one want. The third person to the right, a lady, just insinuated herself into this painting along with the dog. There are a lot of dots of paint and colors and that just comes from me trying to make things look interesting and moving. I see the lady in the middle has a long neck; too long, so i'll probably work on that. I'm never finished with paintings until they are sold and move away. This painting is about 18 by 24 inches but it might be a little larger. Hold on. Oh well. I started this painting in 2009 and I don't have immediate access to those photos so I'm guessing it is a little larger than 18x24 let's say 22x26 inches, priced $450.

Adam and Eve is another one of my favorite themes. As usual, this is a self portrait as Eve, and the boyfriend is my model for Adam. I painted this on canvasboard, which means canvas stretched over cardboard instead of a stretcher. It's not my favorite surface but I have a problem throwing things out, so I use every little thing, including this blank canvasboard that I found lying around the house. I started this painting in 2008 or 2009. It seems to be influenced by folk art, which is, I suppose, one of the strongest influences on my work. This painting is size 18x24, and was photographed May 16, 2010, priced $350.

Here is another DANCERS theme. This painting is size 18x24 and is another self portrait with the boyfriend except I seem to have lost quite a bit of weight in this image. The dog just invited himself on the right side. The boyfriend is holding a bouquet of flowers for me. I like to make him appear to adore me in paintings, haha. This painting started when I let my grandson jack paint on a blank canvas in 2009. Now all that remains of his beginning seems to be a splash of red and orange in the sky just above the dancers heads. I used oil paints and also oil sticks (or pigment stix) to paint this. This painting was photographed May 16, 2010 in Leonia NJ and it's priced $425.

This 16x20" oil on canvas is a more realistic self portrait with the boyfriend in hot pursuit. It must be my "self portrait as goddess" series. I really must remember to have me holding a triumphant bouquet of flowers. In this scene we are tripping merrily thru the woods, something at age 73 I can no longer do, haha, except in my mind. I photographed this painting May 16, 2010 and it's priced $325.

This little painting of a mother and child is very sweet. I started it either 2008 or 2009. The child seems to have a large head, but I never got around to making it smaller because somehow it seems ok this way... It must be a self portrait (somebody once said everything one creates is a self portrait) but the baby looks so still, as if it is sleeping, i wonder if, when I did this, was i perhaps thinking of my beloved grandson who died on a motorcycle in 2009? I don't remember, but one of my very favorite drawings is by elizabeth layton who was in her 70's when she drew a self portrait suckling the image of her dead son who had died as an adult... Anyway, it's a painting of a woman with a happy happy memory of a beloved child. I photographed this oil painting, about size 12x16, on may 16, 2010, and it's priced $325.

Now here we have one of my favorite paintings. It started out as a painting by my grandson jack, here in my kitchen, him scrubbing away at the canvas with various colors of paint. Then over time I work and work on the canvas, finding the images within. Turns out this painting looks like Alice Neel was speaking to me thru the eyes of the baby.

Alice Neel was a most wonderful artist and human being. I had the honor of making her acquaintance on about four occasions. Once I drove her (and her granddaughter Olivia) home from a lecture at the Y in nyc, and as she got into my jalopy she said "I am accustomed to riding in much better cars!" She was such a hoot. Driving up park Avenue we saw a sculpture by Louise Nevelson and she said "oh! There's Louise's work!" because indeed they were contemporaries and friends. Alice Neel once read my palm and told me I had a long life but predicted she would last only five more years, and she died I think age 84 or 85 which was right on the button of what she had told me. Another time I showed up at her apartment with my little camera and b/w film. As usual, there were some admirers there. Alice went out of the room and a woman asked me, "would you photograph me with alice neel? I'd be so grateful!" so I said ok and when Alice returned I said, "could i photograph the two of you together?" Oh YES said alice, and she ran to her painting, a painting of two young men hugging each other, arranging her arm over the top of the painting. I am not sure if I snapped that photo or not, but I had to say, er, i meant you and that lady there. So alice and that lady stood together and I took another photo, but all my photos were b/w and available light and quite blurry and I'd have to search to find the negatives.

This painting of mine is size 16x20 and it's quite lovely and costs at least $375. I'd charge more, but I don't have the nerve, sigh. To me, it represents me and any one of my beloved grandchildren, even the ones who have already graduated from college.

All of my paintings from the fall of 2009 were started with my grandson, Jack. He was then six years old, with pdd-nos, on the autistic spectrum.

Since I take care of Jack every single day, I try and think of things we can do together that I enjoy. He likes to paint a little bit, so I give him paint and brushes and he starts a lot of canvases for me. To see him in action, check my video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=halTDxfA-QA

My latest video of jack was inadvertently place on the LINKS page of my website. It shows Jack in the dog park in my town, filmed May 2010.

Since I have stopped doing almost all outdoor art shows, I have put prices on this website, all substantially reduced because of the recession.

I have lots more paintings but no time to list them. Email me if you would like me to put more images on this page. Motivation is everything, sigh.

This painting turned into a self portrait of myself gardening. It is oil on canvas, size 16"x20" priced $350. I have worked on this painting a lot more so it has changed a LOT. I sold it to a woman in ct when it looked like this but she returned it, so I changed it. Of course now it's buried on my porch so I can't find it to show you how it now looks.

I painted this dinner table scene from my imagination, and started it about 2007. It is me imagining a meal with my father's parents, grandma and grandpa Sandmeyer in Tonawanda, NY where Rev John H Sandmeyer (at the head of the table) was pastor of the Grace Methodist Church, torn down I think for a pizza or dry cleaning store. I never remember these grandparents having flowers on the middle of the table but I do remember my grandmother baking the most delicious cakes!!! so here she is serving a cake to us, and i'm on the far right (sorry my photo is cut off) in front of my sister audrey, and my aunt Lucy Sandmeyer is across the table from us. Aunt Lucy never married. She died in 2009 age 93, and left me and my sisters each 4% of her estate but her Republican nieces and nephews got about 24% each. I wish I could post a little smile here but sorry I don't know how to do that. Let's try :-)

This painting is influenced by Bonnard, one of my big heros, but the difference is he made sketches from life, and painted from those sketches. I try and paint with no sketches, from people and places long gone existing only in my imagination. One is not better than the other, unless you think of the result, and then I have to say pierre bonnard has it all over ms marcia wilson of leonia nj!

This painting started out as an abstract but i "saw" a woman and a large goose in it, so that's what it is. It is size 24 by 36 inches, priced $450.

I do a lot of self portraits as granny holding a grandson, probably because I'm with Jack every day. This oil on canvas is called Granny Loves Baby, size 16 by 20 inches. price $450 but I no longer want to sell it. I like it because it reminds me of the way I love my grandsons.

Adam and Eve is an oil painting on canvasBOARD, not a stretcher, size 18 by 24 inches, priced $350.

This oil on canvas is size 24 by 36 inches, priced $500. It is another grandma and grandson theme.

Size 24 by 36 inches, Clown with Dog, oil on canvas, priced $500.

Dancing figures, oil on canvas, size 18 by 24 inches, priced $450.

Eve eats the apple, oil on canvas, size 18 by 24 inches, sold to a librarian from astoria queens.

View From My grandparents' Window, oil on canvas, size 16 by 20 inches, $350.

Moon Goddess, oil on canvas, size 24 by 36 inches, SOLD to a lady from astoria.

Red Riding Hood, oil on canvas, size 16 by 20, $450.

Running Horse, oil on canvas, size 20 by 40, SOLD to a librarian from astoria queens.

Woman with Veil, oil on canvas, size 18 by 24 inches, $450.

Cinderella and the Wicked Stepmother, oil on canvas, size 18 by 24 inches, $350.

Self Portrait as a Waif, oil on canvas, size 14 by 18 inches, $350.

Two Women and a Dog, Oil on canvas, size 16 by 20 inches, $350.

Woman with a Horse and a Lamb or Cow I'm not sure, oil on canvas, size 18 by 24 inches, $350.

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